Hello, I am starting a blog

This is me starting the blog.

Yes, I know, we don’t really need another voice to add to this confusing white noise, between facts and opinions. Still, here I am.

I am an Italian visual artist based in Edinburgh. I recently graduated from Napier university with a photography degree. Currently considering what to do with this underwhelming piece of paper. 

So, here I am finally let free in a world that seems to be crumbling, bit by bit. But let’s not be apocalyptic. There is no need to worry, it will all fix itself if we keep hiding the stains under our napkins a little longer. 

They say I am now supposed to become a member of a society, a functioning one; but I never received a guide, or maybe it got lost in the mail. So, I am here hoping a pigeon will come bring me the leaflet on how to be a human these days. 

Wishing there was an alternative to this way of living. Turning privilege into guilt while we avoid each other’s gazes. Creating double skins for our digital avatars, commodifying dreams to pay for our boxes to be tighter. 

These days, I am more and more intrigued by the split between our perceptions of the future. I see a fracture between trans-humanistic dreams and eco-anxieties. Unsure about how we ended up so lost in obsessions of perfection and sanitisation, using screens to see ourselves and not each other. Turning windows into mirrors. 

Anyhow, to end this nonsense blabbering, I am here to carve a tiny little corner of the internet to reflect on what is going on, without much constriction, or construction. I will use it write about the art I made and and the one I am trying to make. Or better, I will try to remember to keep this up, so it does not turn into another fun idea with the lifespan of a Scottish midge.


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