I hold my hands above my head and whisper to the starships. I walk barefoot on grass and use my phone to film it. I spread paint all over paper and wait for it to fill me. I try to write new stories and dilute your code with water. I mix chemicals with hair dye and steal algorithms from others. I am tired of restrictions and rules should be updated. I use this space to question if the time has come to change them. I don’t believe in mediums, or boundaries or boxes. There is no time to stick to plans and if there were we’d waste it.


KMD, Uib  — Present

MA in Fine Art at the University of Bergen at the faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design.

Node Centre of Curatorial Studies — Feb 2022 - March 2022

Awarded with an online certification in creative art criticism and writing, after following a class thought by the curator and writer An Paenhuysen.

Edinburgh Napier University — 2017-2021

BA Hons in Photography (1st).

California Institute of the Arts  — 2021

Awarded with an online certification in graphic design, its history and fundamentals with an introduction on typology and various forms of image-making and printmaking. 

Deakin University (Australia) — 2019

Semester abroad for International Exchange (junior year). There I had the chance to learn cameraless processes and experimental printmaking techniques, taught by the Melbourne-based visual artist Danica Chappell.

Recent experience

Freelance Photographer — 2019-Present

 Freelance photographer for events, theatre and weddings.

Gallery Assistant, STILLS — April 2022-July 2022

 Worked as a front desk assistant for the photographic centre Stills in Edinburgh town centre, helping out with exhibitions, facilities bookings and public relations. 

Catalogue Librarian, STILLS — Nov 2021-Aug 2022

 Volunteer at the Edinburgh based photographic gallery Stills. Responsible for the safekeeping of the artwork as well as first point of contact for visitors. I was also in charge of cataloguing the Stills reference library, one of the largest publicly accessible collections of books on photography in Edinburgh.

Gallery Volunteer, Talbot — Jun 2022-Jul 2022

 Volunteer at Edinburgh University's own art gallery, Talbot  Rice. There I was in charge of the safekeeping of the artwork as well as first point of contact for visitors, for both general queries and purchases from the gallery shop. During my time there I also contributed to the cataloguing of books for one of the Lara Favaretto's art pieces. 

Photo Assistant, Laurence Winram— 2021

 Assistant for a commercial and fine art photographer based in Edinburgh, UK. Mostly handling equipment and dealing with any potential needs or requests.

Event Photographer, IAMVIP — Dec 2017 - Jun 2018

 Event photography for the nightlife venue 'The Three Sisters' in Edinburgh's old town.
 In charge of image editing and delivering within 24 hours and distribution on social media.

Selected Exhibitions 

Paratissima Talents — March 2022 (here)

Group exhibition along with other recent winners of the 2020-2022 editions of Paratissima art festival in Turin, Italy. Between the 17th of March and the 25th of April 2022. 

Futureproof — Dec 2021 (here)

Invited to be part of the group exhibition at Stills gallery in Edinburgh along with other recent graduates from Scottish university, between the 3rd of December and the 5th of Feb 2022. Selected as one of the winners of the 2021 Jill Todd Award

Paratissima — Nov 2021 (here)

Part of the 17th edition of the art festival in Turin, Italy. One of the fifty artists selected for the 2021 showcase, taking place at the Artiglieria, Art Center between the 28th of October and the 12th of December. Selected as one of the winners of the 2021 Talenz Prize.

Surge— Oct 2021 (here)

Group exhibition at Tatha Gallery (Newport, Fife) between the 9th October 2021 and the 6th of November 2021.

Hidden Doors  — Sept 2021

Group exhibition at Granton Gasworks showcasing the 2021 graduates from various UK universities. 

Fr_nge  — Sept 2021 (here) 

Art trail around Edinburgh City Centre, featuring QR posters placed in various locations. 

Graduate Showcase 2021 (here)

Online showcase organised by the Office Of Graig to support graduating classes affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It features three images from the project 'Indigo Dust'. 

Experimental Photo Festival — Sept 2021 (here)

Online Virtual group exhibition titled ' Mistake. Chance. Repetition' along with other eight other international visual artists. Curated by Naroa Pérez. 

PhotoGrad  — Jun 2021 (here)

Online group exhibition showcasing the 2021 BA graduates from various UK universities. Selected as one of the 10 highly commanded photography graduate of 2021. 

Napier University  — Jun 2021 (here)

Online group exhibition showcasing 2021 graduates from Edinburgh Napier University. 

Source Magazine  — Jun 2021 (here) 

Part of the 2021 online BA Source graduate showcase.

Selected by Mariama Attah, curator of Open Eye. 

Inner World  — Jan 2021 (here)

Online group exhibition organised by the online publication ArtDoc Magazine, exploring the psychological consequences of this historical moment of isolation. 

Dada and Democracy   — Dec 2020 (here)

Online group exhibition organised by the online publication ArtDoc Magazine, dealing with the relation between Dada and the democracy. 

Feminist Photography Network Sept 2020

Digital publication around the relationship of feminism and lens-based art.

Spaces Combined  — May 2020

Digital art project organised during lockdown. The project initially started as a a physical exhibition in a former prison in Campbeltown in Scotland in 2016.


The Photocaptionist— May 2022 (here)

The Pupil  Sphere— March 2022 (here)

The RPS Contemporary — Nov 2021 (here)

Point of You — Oct 2021 (here)

Royal Photographic Society  — Aug 2021 (here)

Source Magazine - Jul 2021 (here)

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